Lecture on how to give a lecture

This post really resonates with me: The Ten Commandments of PowerPoint and I wish that I had included it in my lectuer from last week on how to give a lecture.

The chief resident at St John Hospital and Medical Center asked me to do morning report on giving better presentations. It was an interesting project. I have been pretty busy and didn't have enough time to put together a really polished presentation, but this is what I came up with.

Here is a link to the PDF and Keynote file (130 mb)

iWork documents are a little wonky if you are not using Safari. So the videos I embedded in the lecture are below if you are having trouble looking at them.

Steve Jobs tells it how it is regarding Microsoft

The birth of a morning report:

Screen captures with command-shift-4:

Smart builds

Highlight text:

Mask an image

Improve a crappy figure: