How much work is the social media internship thingy anyways?

The deadline to apply for the nephrology social media internship is approaching. You have just until this Sunday to get your application in. We have been getting some questions about how much work there is and who the program is designed for.

I'm a critical care doctor. Can I join the internship?
I'm a nurse. Can I join the internship?
I'm a medical student. Can I join the internship?
I'm an attending nephrologist. Can I join the internship?
I don't like nephrology. Can I join the internship?

We designed the program for people in the nephrology space. The mentors in the program are all nephrologists and have all focused on developing social media for doctor to doctor communication channels. However, we feel the lessons are broadly applicable to many communication channels. If you want to develop skills for patient to patient communication or doctor to patient social media the the experience you gain in the internship will be helpful. That said, the assignments and the hands-on experiences will be in nephrology and will be doctor to doctor in nature.

We encourage nurses, doctors in other specialties, and physicians all through the education spectrum from med student to professor emeritus to apply because we will be able to provide you novel tools for interacting in the digital world. We also would love to learn from your carried backgrounds.

I'm a resident. What type of time commitment can I expect?
I'm a med student. What type of time commitment can I expect?
I'm a new mom. What type of time commitment can I expect?
I'm a new mom of twins. What type of time commitment can I expect?
I'm a surgery intern and a new mom of twins. What type of time commitment can I expect?

As a member of the NSMC internship we expect you to participate in as many #NephJCs as possible. This represents 2 hours a month of chat time and probably 2 more hours prepping or doing work surrounding the chats. We may ask you to prepare a summary of an article or curate a Storify after a chat. So call that 4 hours a month, though most months should be less than that.

Then we have two tent pole features a year that you will be required to participate in. These are NephMadness and DreamRCT. These are longer term projects that will likely take between 3 and 6 hours depending on personal commitment and efficiency.

Lastly we encourage the interns to maintain a social media presence. This could be blogging or participating in twitter. This could mean lurking or talking. Many of the people interested in the program already do that. If you do not, however we would ask you to devote some time to being present in our virtual community.

Lastly we will do 3 or 4 Google Hangouts to discuss how the program is going and upcoming plans.

In summary we are looking for an hour a week for the NephJC, two larger assignments that will take a dedicated evening or two, quarterly conference calls or video chats and some time on social media.

If you are interested or have questions, feel free to send us an e-mail. If you want to apply for a spot drop us an e-mail and explain:

  • Who you are 
  • Why you want to do the social media internship
  • What experience do you already have with social media (Do not be embarrassed to say none. Do not be embarrassed to say you are really good at Facebook quizzes, we respect that)

The due date for the application is January 24. We will make our decisions and start the program on February 1. 

The email address is: