The second Nephrology Social Media Internship

The first second Nephrology Social Media Internship

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Last year we launched the social media internship with 4 interns. It went well and all of them had a unique and positive experience. They have all graduated from pupil to teacher and are part of the NSMC faculty. The remainder of the faculty remains a star studded cast...I give you the: Nephrology Social Media Collective:
  • Swapnil Hiremath, co-founder and brain child of NephJC
  • Matt Sparks, savior of Renal Fellow Network and co-creator of NephMadness
  • Kenar Jhaveri, blogger at NephronPower and editor of AJKDblog
  • Paul Phelan, contributor to NephJC, Renal Fellow Network and AJKDblog
  • Jordan Weinstein, creator of UKidney
  • Edgar Lerma, creator of #NephPearls hashtag and serial author
  • Myself
  • Hector Madariaga, former NSMC intern and current transplant fellow at the University of Maryland.
  • Scherly Leon, former NSMC intern and second year nephrology fellow SUNY Downstate
  • Nikhil Shah former NSMC intern and Home Therapy Fellow at the University of Alberta
  • Chi Chu former NSMC intern and second year IM resident in San Francisco
The idea behind the internship is to give guidance to doctors or students who want to become experts in social media. There are a number of different techniques and strategies in social media and we will provide the interns an opportunity to work with these techniques first hand. Projects that the interns will participate in:
  • NephMadness
  • NephJC
  • AJKDblog
  • Renal Fellow Network
  • Research
  • UKidney
  • DreamRCT
Technologies that the intern will be exposed to include:
  • Podcasts
  • Google hangouts
  • Tweet chats
  • Storify for curation
  • Mail Chimp newsletters
  • Twitter analytics
  • Google analytics
  • Simpler analytics
  • Multiple blogging engines including:
    • Blogger
    • WordPress
    • Medium
    • SquareSpace
But this is not a technology internship. This is a communication internship and we will provide guidance and experience that comes from the faculty's collective wisdom.
Interns get immediate and front row access to a personal learning network of social media masters Jedi.

Each intern really gets to craft an individual experience out of this opportunity and none of their journeys will be the same. This is the first time we are doing the second year of the program and we have learned a lot and have plans to make the experience more fulfilling and rewarding.

We know that you have families, residencies, research and boards to prepare for. We are excited to make social media work for you rather than enslave you. We will be sensitive to your "other life" and all of our projects are relatively time insensitive. For more information outlining the responsibilities and the projected work load see this post.

If you are interested or have questions, feel free to send us an e-mail. If you want to apply for a spot drop us an e-mail and explain:
  • Who you are 
  • Why you want to do the social media internship
  • What experience do you already have with social media (Do not be embarrassed to say none. Do not be embarrassed to say you are really good at Facebook quizzes, we respect that)
The due date for the application is January 24. We will make our decisions and start the program on February 1. 

The email address is: